Posted on: June 3, 2010 3:02 am

Galarraga Perfect? Game

This is an amazing story and truly a sad ending to the game, but I'm not ready to lynch the ump just yet.

While it looks like a no brainer from the first base line view and Joyce is now admitting that he blew the call, from the opposite view point it is clear that Galarraga bobbled the ball.  You can see the ball hit the palm of his glove and then bounce toward the webbing.  He doesn't close his glove until Donald has touched first base.  Given the bobble, this was a much closer call than many are giving it credit and Joyce shouldn't be too hard on himself.  I think Galarraga knew he bobbled the ball and may very well have been why he didn't make any attempt to argue.  Of course, it might be that he's simply a great kid.

Having said that, I would still love to see the Tigers protest the call and get this one overturned.  Three perfect games in 20+ days - WOW.  There has been precednet of overturned calls with the most celebrated on being the George Brett pine tar incident in 1983.  Weeks after the game ended, they replayed the final outs of that game and the Royals came away with a vicory.

I am very hopeful that Detroit will appeal and MLB will get it right.
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Posted on: February 2, 2010 12:55 am

Solution to the NFL Overtime Rules

Regarding the NFL's overtime rule.

Here's an out of the box idea. Don't have an overtime kick-off.

If the game is tied at the end of regulation, simply start a new quarter from the current line of scrimage with the current down and distance (as if the game was the going from the 1st quarter to the second quarter). If the game was tied as the clock went to zero, then the team that scored would kick-off to the other team (a natural continuation of the game).

This would add drama to the end game of a close contest. A team behind by three, would know that they are kicking off after a field goal and the opposing team will have (in essence) no clock concern - better to try to get the TD rather than kick a field goal and surrender possession. Many teams now kick the field goal and hope for a fortunate coin toss - delaying tactics that put the game's outcome largely in the hands of a coin toss.

If a team down by seven scores late in the game, the decision to go for two is crystalized. If they tie the gaem, the opponent will be able to keep possession after the end of the regulation. If they take the lead (going for two) the other team will be limited to regulation time. Going for two here or trying for the TD instead of a tieing field goal as above would likely reduce the number of games tied at the end of regulation and eliminate the OT rules concerns in the first place.

In a late tie game, there is no sitting on the ball in your own end of the field hoping to get better field position after the toin coss. There are no easy outs here; either get some first downs or punt and have your defense make a stop. Also, there's no running down the clock to 1 second to try a long field goal in case of a miss - the offensive team will have to decide if they want to go for a risky field goal and give the other team excellent field position on a miss or if they should punt and go into OT as the defensive team.

The only decision that should be allowed at the start of OT that I see in this scenario is that the team playing defense (or kicking off if they just scored) chooses which endof the field to defend. This eliminates the offensive team from running down the clock at the end of regulation to switch sides for a better kicking direction - still giving a sense of urgency to the end of regulation in a tie game where weather conditions are a factor.

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Posted on: January 29, 2010 7:48 pm
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How about the Pro Bowl as the Hall of Fame game?

Noone seems happy about today's Pro Bowl format from the players to the fans.  Why not make this an event that stands out for both.

How about selecting the Pro-Bowl participants at the end of the regular season (so that we really know who the best players of the season are) instead of around WEEK 10 when barely half of the games have been played?  Then rather than playing the game after the Super Bowl, the game could be played as the Hall of Fame Game to kick off the next season.  Replacing the current one-off pre-season game with an All Star event has a lot of appeal in my opinion.

I think this would really increase the interest in watching the game as everyone will be crabing pro football.  It would allow a retired player named to the pro-bowl an excellent opportunity to say farewell on the field - limited playing time by design and minimal contact compared to other events.  It would have been great to see Elway, Sanders or Barber to name a few just one more time.

This would also generate the potential for a lot of the current stars to be present at the Hall-of-Fame inductions.

You could even make teh winner of this game the honorary home team in the upcoming Super Bowl.  Currently this is alternated from one year to the next.  People might actaully remember who one the game if it was the first and only game of the season and the designated Super Bowl home team was the winner of the Pro Bowl.
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