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Galarraga Perfect? Game

Posted on: June 3, 2010 3:02 am
This is an amazing story and truly a sad ending to the game, but I'm not ready to lynch the ump just yet.

While it looks like a no brainer from the first base line view and Joyce is now admitting that he blew the call, from the opposite view point it is clear that Galarraga bobbled the ball.  You can see the ball hit the palm of his glove and then bounce toward the webbing.  He doesn't close his glove until Donald has touched first base.  Given the bobble, this was a much closer call than many are giving it credit and Joyce shouldn't be too hard on himself.  I think Galarraga knew he bobbled the ball and may very well have been why he didn't make any attempt to argue.  Of course, it might be that he's simply a great kid.

Having said that, I would still love to see the Tigers protest the call and get this one overturned.  Three perfect games in 20+ days - WOW.  There has been precednet of overturned calls with the most celebrated on being the George Brett pine tar incident in 1983.  Weeks after the game ended, they replayed the final outs of that game and the Royals came away with a vicory.

I am very hopeful that Detroit will appeal and MLB will get it right.
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